Basic Rules of the Forum **Please Read!**

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Basic Rules of the Forum **Please Read!** Empty Basic Rules of the Forum **Please Read!**

Post  RaiserXI on Sat Apr 09, 2011 10:35 pm

David: Welcome to the Gamer's Society *HCC Edition.

We welcome all whom share our love of games and fair-play.

While here, please observe these few rules:

1: Remember that Basic Net-etiquette is a virtue and don't shoot down others.

2: Please refrain from Trolling/Flaming.

3: Please post threads in their specified sub-forum

4: When making a new thread please check if there's already a similar thread already made. If so, then please use that one instead.

5: While we do not discourage cursing, please keep in mind that others have feelings and don't be a dick.

6: Remember rule 1!

7: We admins reserve the rights to alter the rules without taking away from their core allowance as required by future events.

8: As we are involved in many different games/play-styles, please remember that not everyone will understand your in-game terms, so we would appreciate understanding where it comes to others whom are not as knowledgeable about them and the courtesy to explain them if asked by anyone, admin or member alike.

9: Rule 1 rules!

10: When in doubt, shoot an admin (with a pm, not a gun O.o )

Thank you,
Raiser XI/ David Wanich (Sasquatch)

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Basic Rules of the Forum **Please Read!** Empty Re: Basic Rules of the Forum **Please Read!**

Post  Sephiroth912 on Sun Apr 10, 2011 12:25 am

These rules are subject to change, namely for rules pertaining to each forum individually.

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